Central U.P.- Proof I will turn any vacation into a food destination.

In my dreams, all my vacations are abroad and filled with luxurious amenities and food. Unfortunately, that’s neither practical or economical. To scratch our travel itch, in the summer, we try to explore places that aren’t too far from home. In recent years, a lot of those trips have focused around the Great Lakes. ThereContinue reading “Central U.P.- Proof I will turn any vacation into a food destination.”

Spring Farmers Market Finds

The last year I have been obsessing over farm fresh produce. It all started last summer when stopping by Witte’s Vegetable Farm in Cedarburg, WI. Everything tastes WAY better then when buying from the grocery store and lasts WAY longer! You also get the added bonus of supporting local businesses and growers. So, when theContinue reading “Spring Farmers Market Finds”