The Blueberry Weekend!

It’s blueberry time in the Midwest! As I mentioned in my Seasonal Summer Eats post, I purchased peaches from Tree Ripe Fruit. They stopped in our area again, and in addition to peaches they had Michigan Blueberries from Leduc Farms. The blueberries only came in 5lbs boxes. So, I had to ask myself, what do I do with 5lbs of blueberries?

First off, the blueberries were terrific on their own. My husband and I were grabbing handfuls all weekend. They were sweet and firm. (I hate when grocery store berries turn mushy after a few days.)

Even with us casually grabbing handfuls all day, we still left a lot of blueberries! I was on a mission to use them all before they spoiled. Almost every fruit or vegetable we have bought at the farmers markets this summer, I have attempted to throw on a pizza, and it was no exception with blueberries! I made this terrific Blueberry, Feta & Caramelized Onion Pizza. It was a perfect mix of sweet and savory. And it was an excuse to use delicious honey from my co-workers hive! (Shout out Bee Heard Honey!) I most definitely will try to make this again before the blueberries run out!

I was able to order some great pasture raised chicken from Bon Vie Farm. I thought I could somehow combine with my abundance of blueberries with the delicious chicken. I found a recipe for Blueberry-Dijon Chicken. It turned out really well! We had it with roasted cauliflower, which is one of our favorites! The recipe called for raspberry vinegar, which I did not have. I subbed balsamic vinegar and that worked well. Also, I used jam that I purchased from Steppin’ Out Foods at the Brookfield Farmers Market. If I make again I would probably use less jam than the recipe called for, as it was a little sweet for my taste. But it was overall a great and fresh summer dinner!

Of course, I couldn’t forget dessert! My husband wanted a blueberry pie, I was afraid I would screw it up, due to my poor baking skills, haha. So I settled on a Blueberry Crisp. It turned out amazing! The crunchy crumble with pecans and oats was great! I topped with one of my guilty pleasures, Cool Whip!

There’s still a few blueberries left and I look forward to snacking on them for the rest of the week! Have you all made anything good with blueberries this summer? Tell me about it!

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