Seasonal Summer Eats

As I mentioned in my Spring Farmers Market post I’ve been trying to eat seasonally. It’s been a fun way to try things I wouldn’t normally cook, and get out to the different farms and farmers markets. Here’s what I’ve tried so far this summer:

Garlic Scapes
I love garlic! I put it in everything. Last summer we discovered a local garlic farm and thought it would be fun to buy some garlic. When we stopped at Copper Kettle Farm, I was shocked to find dozens of different kinds of garlic. My husband thought I was crazy for buying so much. We bought about a dozen different varieties. Turns out, we wish we would have bought more because we had used it all up in about 6 months. It was the best garlic I have ever eaten! The cloves were huge and so flavorful and fragrant. When they posted on facebook recently that they had garlic scapes available, we snatched some up! I’ve wanted to cook with them for a while. So, I kindly asked my husband to pick some up on his way home, which is not so much on his way home. We made a couple fun things with the scapes. We threw them on any pizza we had. They were great! They gave the pizza a garlic flavor, also a little bit of crunch. I also threw them on the ever popular Tik Tok pasta recipe. That was very good as well!

I get my Peaches down in Georgia…
I stumbled across an add for Tree Ripe Fruit Co. on facebook. They deliver tree ripened peaches to Wisconsin within days of picking. It got me craving peaches and rumor has it they are delicious and better than what you can find in the grocery store. When I realized you purchased them in 25 lb cases I figured I better come up with some things to cook with peaches! So it was all peaches all weekend!

Here’s what I made:

Good old fashioned peach cobbler! My husband mentioned weeks ago that it was in the mood for peach cobbler, so this seemed like a no brainer. But, as I mentioned previously, I’m not the best baker. But this recipe was pretty simple and I managed not to screw it up. We ate it a la mode!

Even though I would probably prefer to eat all peach desserts, I thought I better mix it up and eat a bit healthier. I came across this recipe and thought, YES! Pork Tacos with Peach Salsa! It was fresh, tangy and delicious. We topped with avocados and little bit of tomatillo salsa. I’m excited to have lots of left overs to eat during the week.

Pizza is our easy weeknight go to. It’s been fun this spring/summer to try to incorporate whatever produce is in season. We used this recipe for Peach and Prosciutto Pizza and it was great! Even my husband, who was a bit skeptical, loved it.

Eating From the Balcony

I love having fresh herbs and veggies around in the summer. It feels so great to make a recipe and quick step out on the balcony to snip some herbs for whatever I’m making. So far this summer I have cooked with basil and tomatoes from the balcony. Later in the summer we hope to have brussels sprouts, poblano peppers, thai basil. I also have lemongrass growing this year and I hope to be able to make a really good thai curry!

The basil has been growing like crazy! I’ve snipped some off a few times to put on pizza. Recently, I cut back almost a 1/3 of the plan to make pesto. (And there are still plenty of leaves left on the plant for anything else I come up with to make). I made a pesto chicken pasta in the instant pot. I have the pesto pasta boxed up for my lunches this week. It’s nice to make something on Sunday for the whole week and not have to worry about lunches!

That’s what we’ve tried so far this summer. I hope to check back in late summer to share some more!

5 thoughts on “Seasonal Summer Eats

  1. Great ideas! I’m picking up a peach box in about a week. There is tons of lemon balm on the south side of our house by the chimney if you want to incorporate in a recipe please come and gather.


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